NEWS: 2017 Course Maps updated.

Awards, Prize Money, and Medals

The Morgan Hill Half Marathon, 5K, Bike Tour and Kids Run medals are going to be made of high quality materials. They will be very heavy similar to the Rock and Roll medals. We also plan on having an engraver in the festival area to engrave your time if you choose.

To receive awards, you MUST be present.

2016 Medal Designs (2017 will be designed later this year)

2016 Shirt Designs


Full and Half Marathon top 3 overall (no double dipping) receive a spaceial award  Age Group awards are awarded the following groups:

  • Full Marathon - 1st through 3rd in each age group (5 year groups)
  • Half Marathon - 1st through 3rd in each age group (5 year groups)
  • 5k - 1st through 3rd in 10 year age groups.

Bike Tour and Challenge events receive Awards for top 3 overall only, no age groups awards.

You must be present for any awards. No mailing.