Corporate Challenge

Looking to get some healthy competition going at the office, how about a training goal for the noon running club? We've got your answer! Go head to head with other local companies in a friendly competition that promotes fitness and camaraderie.

Levels of Participation

Bronze: 5 or more employees gets you 20% OFF registration

Silver: 10 or more employees gets you 25% OFF registration

Gold: 15 or more employees get your 30% OFF registration

All participating companies receive

  • Company listing on website
  • Acknowledgement via social media of company participation
  • Event weekend shout outs acknowledging company participation
  • Option to have 10x10 space for a tent strategically located near the start/finish line (perfect as a pre and post-race hangout)


The times of each teams' first 6 half marathon finisher's will be combined, the team with the lowest overall combined time wins. Here's the catch; everyone's time will be Age-Graded, what that means is your time will be percentage adjusted, that will enable you to compete against others without bias to age or sex. 

For more information on age-graded scoring check out a more indepth explination HERE.


The inaugural corporate challenge winner walks away with a big trophy for the office. Just make sure to ask the boss before putting it front and center in the lobby.

Who's taking the challenge?

Coming Soon

Take the Challenge! 

For more information and registration details contact us at